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When thinking about what makes for an excellent academic writing company, one might think that there are two ways to look at it (and, therefore, two possible answers): one way is from the perspective of clients, and the other way is from the perspective of writers. Certainly, there are some concerns that clients will have that writers will not share, and vice versa, but the reality is that in many cases, the concerns are the same. A company that does not pay its writers well (or at all) will not tend to care too much about excellent customer service. Conversely, a company that treats clients as expendable one-shot money-machines will not tend to see its writers as valuable assets to nurture and protect.

This article examines some of the things that make a company good or bad, why there seem to be so many problematic academic writing companies, and how to find good ones. It also provides recommendations for two good companies, although of course those recommendations should be tempered with your own research.

Reputable academic writing companies are few and far between. One primary reason for this is that the industry as a whole suffers from an unfairly inflated negative reputation. Many people see the creation of model term papers, essays, and so forth to be a violation of academic standards. They cannot see the similarity between a model paper and a model problem set for a mathematics class. Because of this, they assume that everyone who purchases model papers is a cheater, and everyone who supplies them is not much better than a thief or a liar.

As an academic writer myself, I take strong issue with these accusations. I know full well that my clients use the models with which I provide them as guides which inform their own work. I also know full well that I have never once stolen from a client, misled a client, or otherwise acted in a dishonest fashion.

However, the reality is that not everyone is so honest. Given the reputation of this industry, therefore, many businesspeople – individuals who might not have the slightest clue about research or writing – can be drawn to it. They figure if the industry has such a bad reputation, then they might as well “set up shop” online and act in as sleazy a fashion as possible in order to garner as many profits as they can before people catch onto them. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen – there are always students who are willing to believe that even the sketchy places are genuinely interested in helping them, and there are always writers who need money so badly they will believe whatever they are told regarding a job – and so such shady operations sometimes continue for many years.

How can you tell when a particular company is legitimate or not? Well, primarily, you can read the pages on their site. Usually, just a few paragraphs will be enough to tell you whether or not they are based in the United States or England; and if it becomes clear that this is not the case, it’s time to move on. This isn’t about being discriminatory – it’s about needing to know that the company with which you deal is owned and operated by people who are experts in the English language. If you can tell that the material on the site was written by folks who are not native English speakers, then you can be sure your model paper will look like that as well. Just this one simple test wipes out about 90% of the companies out there.

If you are seeking employment among the companies that are left, the next test is to pose as a client and see how you are treated. I did that, and after many phone calls and chats, I ended up with two recommendations.

The first is This business has been around for over ten years, and it consistently receives top ratings on all forums and other venues where students and writers alike can post their comments. Any individual claiming that this company ripped them off is quickly shown to be embellishing the truth, and such claims are very rare; much more common are the comments in which clients praise the work they receive and discuss how much it helped them. More to the point of this article, contracted writers consistently talk about how they are never stiffed by this company, and are paid well (and treated well). In testing this company, I posed as a student and both chatted with, and spoke on the phone with, their customer service representatives. Both of them spoke English fluently, and were extremely happy to help me with my needs.

The other company is called Although it’s a relatively new group of writers, the idea is intriguing: eliminate the middle person, focus upon the actual work involved in academic writing, cultivate relationships with clients, and provide excellent model papers. The prices are high but so is the quality, from what I’ve heard from previous clients, and the customer service is excellent (as I know from posing as a client). I love the idea of knowing that the writers are running the show, and for that reason alone might be tempted to recommend them. But with GraduateWriter, it’s the whole package that earns my respect; this is definitely a company to watch, particularly as an academic writer!

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