Write to Live

Why on Earth Would Anyone Want to Write Essays for a Living?

Writing for Living- Writing for Living

If you’re like most people, you recoil from the mere thought of writing model academic papers for a living. For most people, writing papers was the bane of their existence in college, something they ran from after graduation and never looked back. But freelance writers are not most people. Writers appreciate the challenge of filling a blank page with meaningful thoughts; they appreciate the opportunity to learn about something new for a particular assignment (whether a magazine article or a model essay); and they gain pleasure from the sheer joy of putting words together in a creative way to express something important.

To be sure, writing example research papers is very different from other kinds of writing. Research must be conducted, citations must be in order, and there is generally little forgiveness when it comes to the format of the work. Such requirements can be onerous at times – there’s no doubt about that. But the benefits far outweigh the annoyances.

Ever Want to Work from Home?

One of the most exciting things about academic writing is the flexibility it affords. Many (if not most) model essays are written in the comfort of the freelance writer’s home office. I’ve written dissertations in my pajamas, which is not something I can say about other jobs I’ve had. If your dog is barking, or someone comes to the door, you can stop what you’re doing and deal with it on your own time, in your own way, before returning to work. You have the comfort of knowing you are earning (or supplementing) your income from the privacy and security of your own home. Telecommuting is a dream for many people – it offers the chance to earn money while working at one’s own pace, in one’s own home – and academic writing helps turn that dream into a reality.

Does Your Job Make you Feel Like a Drone?

Most jobs involve some sort of drudge work; some feel like they’re nothing but. Does your job make you feel like you’re a drone, doing the same thing at the same time, day in and day out? Academic writing does have some elements of sameness (after all, there are only so many essay topics that can be gleaned from Great Expectations), but the reality is that every project offers the chance to do something new. If you’re willing to take risks and branch into areas that are not your fortes, you’ll be even more excited by the intellectual and creative possibilities inherent in academic writing.

Do You Wish You Had Options and Possibilities Where Your Job Was Concerned?

Let’s face it. Most jobs offer only so many chances for advancement. If you’re working as a teacher, you might dream of being principal one day, but not all teachers can become principals. If you work in a coffee shop, you might strive to be manager one day, but there’s only one managerial spot, with lots of competition for it. On the other hand, academic writing affords you as much advancement as you are prepared to seek. You start by taking as many (or as few) projects as you wish – the joy of freelancing definitely applies. After you become an expert academic writer working with a company, you might want to explore ways to cut out the middle person and work for yourself. Some day, you might even wish to start your own academic writing company. There are also sales opportunities to explore if you want to take a break from writing. All told, academic writing gives you options where so many other jobs do not.

Are You Creative and Wish You Could Use Your Creativity on the Job?

Writing model papers on a variety of subjects gives you the chance to really flex your creative and intellectual muscles. Researching unfamiliar topics is an excellent way to learn more about them. I personally knew nothing of Plato or Hobbes before I started writing model essays, and now I feel quite competent in their philosophies. I have also learned to write creatively and originally about these and so many other schools of thought and disciplines, because every project demands that I find a way to do so. If you decide to pursue academic writing, you will become far more educated and creative in a wider array of subjects than you ever before thought possible.